Moving Tips

23 Storage Solutions for Moving to a Teeny Tiny Apartment

Moving to a teeny tiny apartment? Those living in expensive, urban hubs, such as New York City or Boston, know the joys of small apartment living all too well. They also know just how important it is that every precious square foot of space be as functional and practical as possible. For tips on how […]

Is “For Sale by Owner” a Good Idea?

Selling a house can be a stressful endeavor. A lot has to go right to end up with that perfect buyer, especially if you’re trying to sell fast. It’s also an expensive undertaking, with sellers responsible for a host of fees after the deal is done, including a commission for the real estate agents involved […]

Teen Room Decor Ideas That You and Your Teen Will Love

Teen rooms combine fun themes with adult style. But striking the right balance between playfulness, sophistication and the must-haves for a teen room can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas for a teen room to help you get started and some helpful tips to keep in mind as you proceed with […]

The 10 Largest States by Population

From the East Coast to the West Coast, there are 50 beautiful states in the U.S. to choose from when making a long-distance move decision. For those wanting a fresh start in a popular state, we recommend considering the 10 most populated states in the U.S. After all, they’re popular for a reason, right? Below, […]

Best Places to Live in the US

Ready to move to a new city? Looking to live in one of the best places in the United States? Whether you’re looking for a better job, a fresh start or you’re simply stuck in a rut — change can be a good thing. Thankfully, our beautiful country is home to thousands of amazing cities. […]

Moving a Home Office

What’s the most difficult room in the house to pack and move? Most of us would say it’s the kitchen. Surprisingly, your home office comes second. Just imagine carefully packing and lugging all those pricey and fragile electronics, massive desks and other heavy office furniture, books, framed art, plus the important and sensitive documents and […]

Moving to Gahanna, OH: Things to Know Before You Move

Moving to Gahanna, Ohio? Residents of Gahanna enjoy all of the sights and sounds of nostalgic Americana, the natural beauty of parks, trails, and the Big Walnut Creek, plus historic landmarks, vibrant shopping and dining scenes, a family-friendly feel, opportunities for business growth, and more. The city is ideal for families and professionals, as well […]

Moving to Southington, CT: Things to Know Before You Move

Moving to Southington, Connecticut? Southington is a growing community that prides itself in being a great place for raising a family. This notion is backed up by its excellent school system including a high school, two middle schools, eight elementary schools, and the ongoing plans to build more. Southington is also a town with a […]

Moving to Ridgewood, NJ: Things to Know Before You Move

Are you thinking of moving to Ridgewood, New Jersey? Ridgewood is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. As a resident of Ridgewood, NJ, you will enjoy a variety of housing options, including sprawling historic homes and classic brownstones, as well as an easy commute to New York City, low crime rates, great […]

Moving to Andover, MA: Things to Know Before You Move

Are you thinking of moving to Andover, Massachusetts? Andover has the small-town feel but the amenities and services that rival those in big cities. Here, you’ll find storied history, cultural attractions and historical sites, lots of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, sophisticated shopping and dining scenes, and a very family-friendly vibe. Andover’s proximity to […]

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