How to find Best Moving Labor Companies

We recommend that anyone who intends to move without the help of a full-service professional moving company at least consider hiring a moving labor company to assist with the job. So, how do you choose a reputable and reliable moving labor service? You can start by checking out our recommendations, and what to look for in a moving labor company

What to look for in a moving labor service company:

We recommend that you consider the following factors when hiring a moving labor company.

Area coverage

Local moves shouldn’t be a problem, especially with a nationwide moving labor company, but if you’re moving long-distance, you’ll have to find someone available at both your departure and destination locations.

Range of services

Most moving labor professionals will load and unload. Some might offer additional services like furniture assembly, packing assistance, junk removal, and donation pickups.

Transparent pricing

Before enlisting moving day labor, figure out your overall relocation budget. Many moving labor companies charge a flat rate for the first several hours of work. After that, they could charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per additional hour. However, rates vary, so be sure to ask about those specifics before booking a service.

License and insurance

It goes beyond saying, a licensed company is legally bound to protect your belongings. If you opt for an unlicensed business, you risk the company not taking responsibility if something goes wrong.

Insurance is also recommended. Before moving, check your homeowners insurance policy to see whether or not your provider covers household goods while they’re in transit. If the homeowners insurance doesn’t cover your belongings, you should hire labor professionals who offer valuation coverage options.

You can always buy moving insurance from a third-party insurance provider if you want more coverage. Most moving and moving labor companies will recommend that you transport your valuables yourself or hire a specialty company for the job. And it’s a good idea to ask how the company handles loss or damage claims.

Customer service policies

Is the company website informative and up to date? Can you easily find answers to your questions? Are the representatives accessible and knowledgeable?

Reviews and referrals

Entrusting strangers with your life’s belongings can be stressful, but checking online reviews can go a long way in building a picture of how the company operates. Learning about other customers’ experiences can help the selection process, though you should always take online reviews with a grain of salt.

What to look for in a moving labor service company


  • What is moving labor?
    Moving labor professionals provide services for those who aren’t using full-service movers but plan to DIY some parts of their move. Moving labor services are flexible and run the gamut from minimal, like loading and unloading the truck, to any combination of moving heavy household items, packing and unpacking boxes, disassembling and reassembling furniture, disconnecting and reconnecting appliances, and more. You can hire moving labor professionals to do as much or as little as you like.
  • How much does it cost? What is the average cost per hour?
    Typically there is a two hours minimum. If you need to extend the time, you will be charged in increments of 15-30 minutes. The price per hour starts at about $200 for two movers for two hours if you hire professional contractors (licensed and insured), though smaller companies might charge less. Sometimes the price is fixed, other times you might face additional charges if there are stairs, or if you want additional services like packing assistance, donation pickup or furniture assembly.
  • Should I tip the movers?
    It’s not required, but it is appreciated. As with any service provider, you can base the amount on job performance. The industry standard is $10 to $20 per mover, according to HireAHelper. However, you may want to tip $50 or more per mover if they work exceptionally hard or have to lift a lot of heavy or difficult items. You can also offer to buy the crew lunch if you wish.
  • Will they help me disassemble and reassemble furniture?
    Yes. However, you’ll need to include whether or not you need furniture disassembly and reassembly in your order form. Since they charge by the hour, you should take this extra time into account when figuring out your moving budget.
  • How long will the move take?
    You can book the services for two hours minimum, half-day or 12 hours (or anywhere in between). The moving labor service provider should be able to give you the time estimate.
  • Do I need to provide moving equipment and supplies?
    Yes. If using moving labor instead of a full-service moving company, you will need to provide a moving truck or some type of vehicle, ramps, dollies, and such moving supplies as rope, furniture pads and moving blankets.
  • Can the movers drive my truck?
    Unless you hire a moving labor company that provides that service, movers cannot drive your personal truck or one you’ve rented to your new home. If you want someone to drive your belongings in a truck to your new home, you should hire a company that can provide both manpower and a truck. Otherwise, you’re expected to provide a vehicle on moving day.
  • Can the movers move my piano?
    Pianos are considered heavy items and require special handling. Most moving labor companies would move a piano, but some won’t, so please check with the company directly and, if they can move it, please let them know what kind of piano you have so they come prepared. We recommend hiring a company that specializes in moving pianos.
  • Can the movers pack my boxes?
    Not all moving labor companies offer packing assistance, so please ask. Those who do most likely will charge for this service separately. And, if they do, it doesn’t mean they provide packing supplies, so be sure to ask.

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Our top three moving labor companies have been thoroughly vetted and researched. When assessing and comparing moving labor companies we looked at a number of key factors (in alpha order, below), including:

  • Availability
  • Customer service
  • Costs
  • Overall customer reviews and experience
  • Price transparency
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Services offered
  • Service area/locations
  • Website accuracy and online presence
  • Ease of booking

We’ve found that these three moving labor companies have services and qualities that set them apart from the competition, such as wide availability, solid reputation, transparent pricing, excellent customer service and positive reviews.

How to find Best Moving Labor Companies
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