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School ratings contain detailed information from over 89,000 public and private schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. For families with children, researching schools and school districts is an important task on the checklist when moving. is aware of the many factors to consider when choosing schools such as the yearly start and end dates, student/teacher ratios, budgets, technology present in the classroom, academic and extracurricular activity strength, tuition (if private) and more. Don’t look any further for help completing this research; use our free school ratings tool to get all the information you need from GreatSchools.

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Our school ratings are easy to navigate and put together. Type in the zip code or city and state of your new home and then choose whether you want to filter information by district or by school. We’ll pull the school report information most important to you from our database of nearly 90,000 public and private schools serving grades kindergarten through 12th grade. And, the GreatSchools rating on a scale of 1-10 gives you a handy way to rate a school at a glance.

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School Ratings details

The school report data also contains information on 15,000 school districts and sub districts.

  • School and district name, addresses and telephone number
  • District website (if available)
  • Number of students
  • School rating
  • Grade range

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Still need more help before moving day comes? We have more tips on how to find the best schools. Take advantage of our many tools and reports we offer to make sure you’re prepared to move and that the big day goes off without a hitch. Receive help creating a customizable moving checklist with our free move planner, find great neighborhoods, and of course, find the right long-distance moving company for your move.

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School Ratings from GreatSchools
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