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Whether you’re just moving across town or to the other side of your state, moving companies consider those local moves – or “intrastate moves.” When you are negotiating with a mover and planning your move, there is one important thing to remember in order to keep it a local move. If your moving company at any point travels outside your state lines, by mistake or on purpose to save time getting to your destination, your move becomes governed under jurisdiction for long-distance moving. For more information and to ensure that your move does not fall under the jurisdiction of a long distance move, we invite you to visit our long distance moving page.

A Checklist for Your Local Move

If you are moving within your current state, you still need to prepare for the same logistical concerns you would face with a long-distance move. It’s just as important to do your research and make sure you’re using reputable services that give you the best value for all moving services. What size truck(s) will you need? Are you packing your belongings, or do you want the movers to do that? Will you need to rent a storage facility upon arriving in your new location if your home doesn’t have enough space for all of your belongings?

Are you hiring movers who are properly licensed and insured? Hint: If you work with then they always will be. Have you created a budget to map out the costs for everything involved in your move? Do you have quotes from different companies that you can compare before making a final decision? This checklist doesn’t go away just because your move is local. But, here’s the thing, is designed to help you answer all of these questions.

A Checklist for Your Local Move

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How To Find Find Local Movers and Local Moving Companies
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