23 Storage Solutions for Moving to a Teeny Tiny Apartment

Moving to a teeny tiny apartment? Those living in expensive, urban hubs, such as New York City or Boston, know the joys of small apartment living all too well. They also know just how important it is that every precious square foot of space be as functional and practical as possible. For tips on how to maximize the space inside your tiny home, check out these 23 easy storage solutions for small apartments.

Storage solutions for small apartments

  1. Invest in vertical door and wall racks

    From over-the-door shoe organizers to wire kitchen door and wall racks, investing in these easy-to-use tools goes a long way in preventing clutter from overtaking your apartment. Vertical shoe storage can be found everywhere from Bed, Bath & Beyond to Amazon. They typically include plastic or cloth cubbies and hold 24 pairs of shoes or more. The Container Store also sells a variety of steel-constructed door and wall rack systems, which are customizable and capable of holding everything from pantry stables to gift wrap.

  2. Store bikes on wall racks

    Own a bike (or several)? It’s no secret that bicycles take up quite a bit of room in a home. Consider storing them off the ground by using wall-mounted bike racks. Not only will this open up floor space and create more room in your apartment, but it will also make your place look much less cluttered on a daily basis.

  3. Make sure your bed is multifunctional

    When you have a teeny tiny apartment, it’s important that every piece of furniture counts. That means making sure all items in your space serve a purpose (or several). When choosing a bed, we recommend opting for either a storage bed or a sofa bed. Storage beds are helpful because they act as both a bed and a storage dresser for clothes. Drawers are typically located underneath the bed. Sofa beds can be used as both a couch and a bed. These are particularly helpful for those moving to a studio or a micro apartment where space is tight.

  4. Place drawer organizers inside kitchen, bathrooms and closet drawers

    The best way to avoid clutter in your kitchen, bathrooms and closets? Add simple drawer organizer inserts to each of your drawers. Not only will this help keep everything organized and in place, but it will also prevent you from losing items and buying them again. Drawer organizers can be used to hold utensils, sewing materials, toiletries, kitchen necessities, jewelry, makeup, and more.

    Storage solutions for small apartments

  5. Use ottomans and coffee tables that double as storage

    Planning to purchase a piece of furniture to prop your feet up during those TV nights? Make sure it’s practical and useful. One of the best storage solutions for small spaces is to use either a storage ottoman or a coffee table with drawers. Storage ottomans and coffee tables hold everything from blankets and shoes to mail and kids’ toys, making them both functional and stylish.

  6. Purge unnecessary belongings on a regular basis

    The best way to avoid clutter in a small apartment is by not having clutter in the first place. That means downsizing by purging any and all unnecessary items. From clothes that no longer fit to outdated furniture from your college days, it may finally be time to cut the dead weight. Fortunately, it’s easy to do — thanks to donation organizations and online consignment marketplaces. Consider donating furniture and clothes to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or The Salvation Army. Sell your gently-used items on Craigslist, Poshmark, or Facebook Marketplace.

  7. Invest in bins and baskets

    From clear, plastic bins to decorative baskets, having plenty of storage containers on-hand throughout the home helps to keep small apartments clean and organized. Good locations for bins and baskets include the entryway, closets, laundry room, and bedrooms. They are also helpful for storing inside pantries, refrigerators and cabinets. These bins and baskets can be found just about anywhere, including Target, Amazon and The Container Store.

  8. Install wall-mounted shelves throughout the apartment

    Adding wall-mounted shelving is an easy storage hack for small apartments. These can be used in a kitchen to hold dinnerware, in a bathroom to hold toiletries, or in a living room/den to hold books and movies. This vertical storage solution helps free up space on the floor, while also keeping items in an easy-to-access location. Open shelving provides stylish and functional decor to your home as well. You should be able to find shelving in a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors at The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Target.

  9. Attach floating furniture to the walls

    In addition to freeing up floor space, floating furniture makes a room appear bigger than it actually is, so that teeny tiny apartment won’t seem so tiny after all. Examples of popular floating furniture include TV consoles, office desks, bathroom vanities, and dressers. These items will help maximize the space inside the apartment, while also serving a necessary function.

  10. Place wall hooks in strategic places

    Without a doubt, wall hooks are the single easiest and cheapest way to keep your teeny tiny apartment clutter-free. Placing them in strategic locations (i.e. places where items seem to get dropped on the floor) will also free up precious floor space. Try installing sturdy hooks in your laundry room, bathrooms, mudroom, entryway, closets, and garage. Hooks can hold everything from coats, hats, umbrellas and keys to towels, brooms, pet leashes, and aprons.

  11. Rent a self-service or full-service storage unit

    Of course, you can always rent a self-storage or a full-service storage unit to hold your leftover storage. These storage facilities are a safe, secure and convenient way to store belongings either temporarily or long term. Storage units also tend to be very affordable, with most facilities offering contracts on a month-to-month basis. To find storage in your area, use Moversnearyou.info’s Storage Center. Just type in the zip code or your city and state of residence and click the “find storage” button. Moversnearyou.info will pull quotes from the closest storage unit facilities near your new home to compare.

  12. Install shelving above the toilet

    Put the space above your toilet to good use by putting a shelf there (or several). It will free the space elsewhere in the bathroom and can hold towels, toiletries, makeup, and more. Another option is to use a standalone shelf unit that fits over the toilet.

    Install shelving above the toilet

  13. Use pegboards

    Pegboards can be used to hang just about anything. You can paint them to add a decorative touch and use them for your office space, or in the kitchen to hang cooking tools.

  14. Make the most of windowsills

    Every flat surface matters when you live in a tight space. Windowsills can hold plants, picture frames, books, and anything else you don’t mind displaying.

  15. Hide clutter behind a curtain

    If you don’t have enough closet room, you can hide your racks, bins, and shelves behind a tasteful curtain. Use a tension rod for this makeshift closet.

  16. Cover your radiator

    Place a slab-style shelf on your radiator and use it to store and display small objects.

  17. Switch to slim hangers

    Wood and plastic hangers can add bulk to your closet, so switch to slim, non-slip velvet hangers. It will free up some hanging room and will make your closet look more organized.

  18. Double closet hanging space

    How? Simply hang two rails at different heights. It will instantly create twice as much storage space. Use the top rail for tops and the lower for bottoms.

  19. Hang plants

    If you are running out of flat surfaces for your plants, simply hang them from the ceiling or a slanted wall. Use hanging planters to suspend them, simultaneously adding a cool decorative element to your space.

  20. Add a rolling island

    Kitchen, bathroom, living room — it’s all fair game when it comes to adding a rolling island to your tiny apartment. And since it’s mobile, it can be stashed away when necessary.

  21. Use wall space for accessories

    Don’t hide your nicest hats, scarves, purses, and jewelry. Hang them on the hooks that double as display.

  22. Hang a cork wall

    A cork wall can be used to hang everything from mail to photos to accessories.

  23. Maximize the entryway space

    Even if your entryway is tiny you can still streamline that space by buying a coat rack (it can be small), using damage-free adhesive hooks to hang your keys and bags, and — if there’s room — installing a bench or a small storage unit there.

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Additional tips for maximizing a small space

Here are some more organizational and decorative tips and hacks on how to get the most out of your tiny apartment and make it appear bigger at the same time.

  • Study the floor plan before the move. Familiarize yourself with your new apartment’s measurements so you know what can fit there and what won’t make it to your new home.
  • Keep bigger items on the perimeter of rooms. Be strategic about where you put them. If you put bigger furniture like couches and bookcases against the wall instead of the middle of the floor you can create a better illusion of depth.
  • Use the light to open up the space. Proper lighting can really make a difference and open up a small space. Let the natural light in. Use additional lighting to create a feeling of warmth. If you don’t have room for larger lamps, get creative with string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting.
  • Make use of mirrors. Strategically placed mirrors can create an illusion of more square footage by reflecting back natural and non-natural lighting. Use one large mirror or arrange a few smaller ones throughout the apartment.
  • Use bold colors, prints and textures. Small spaces pair well with bold and bright colors. Consider painting a room a bold color, using colorful wallpaper, or buying a piece of big furniture in bold color. Not ready to go big? Think of adding colors in more subtle ways, such as on an accent wall, throw pillows or picture frames. Just make sure you mix in some neutrals as well so that you don’t overwhelm the space.
  • Use symmetry to your advantage. We’re naturally attracted to everything symmetrical, and home design is no exception. If you have furniture pieces like couches or cabinets mirror each other it will make the space feel cleaner and more streamlined.
  • Use large rugs. Another trick to make the space look bigger than it is — using larger rugs. They create the feeling of a bigger room.

Moving to a teeny tiny apartment?

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23 Storage Solutions for Moving to a Teeny Tiny Apartment
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