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At we’re here for a variety of your moving needs, including what we define as “specialty moves.” Specialty moves involve packing and transporting pianos, art, and antiques. Learn more below on how we can take care of these needs and how can begin the process of finding a reputable company that fits your budget and needs to complete these kinds of moves.

Moving Pianos

Though pianos are large and heavy, they’re actually very delicate instruments internally, and rough handling can ruin their sound. Upright or grand pianos have thousands of moving parts, from the keys to the strings and hammers. Piano movers will secure and pad these moving parts to prevent damage in transit. The trucks used by piano moving companies often are equipped with special air ride systems to limit jostling pianos or organs on the road. And, piano movers will always store pianos, if necessary, in climate controlled buildings because heat, cold, and especially humidity can damage them. Piano movers will also carry large amounts of cargo insurance because replacing a damaged piano is expensive.

Moving Pianos

Fine Art & Antiques Moving Companies

Like pianos, moving fine art, antiques, and antiquities requires specialized training, packing, and handling during transit. Art shipping companies will use air-ride equipped and climate-controlled trailers and storage. Fine art and antiques may be packed with large amounts of padding and encased in wooden crates. You’ve spent years and large sums of money to acquire your art collection, and each of your pieces is unique and irreplaceable. has vetted our art and antique moving partners to ensure they are detailed, reputable, and reliable.

Specialty Moving Quotes vets and ensures that all of our piano, art & antique mover partners are licensed and insured. We’ve done the hard work so you can be confident that, when you fill out our form above, you will be able to get quotes and compare moving companies that you can trust with your valuable items.

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Professional Piano Movers
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